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For all of these components, place the subcircuit and the component in their respective folders, then restart LTspice. The component will then show up as a menu selection.

An LTspice Standard Library Replacement

The whole library replacement / addition as one zip file Place in \lib\cmp as a replacement, or carefully extract what you need (Suggested)

Browse or Search on what is in this zip file, and extract what you need

A Large LTspice Folder from Bordodynov

Bordodynov has kindly shared his entire LTspice folder with tons of parts and examples.
The whole library replacement with additions plus tons of examples as one zip file - about 33 MEG.
See Screen Shot of files removed from the collection containing AEI SPICE Models
These AEI models were removed because of possible copyright violations. However, search on the internet for these models. They are available.
For example AD8331 models are Available HERE   AD8332 here  AD8099 here  MC34063 here

This entire zip file has been expanded so you can view the contents, and it will be available to search engines.
You start by opening folders here:
LTspiceIV-library (Directory Style - Drill Down)
LTspiceIV-examples (Directory Style - Drill Down)

Vendor_List (Directory Style - Drill Down)
Mixed_Part_List (Directory Style - Drill Down)

A note on portability of these "permanent" LTspice Components:

Many comments are made about the lack of portability of creating these permanent parts in LTspice. The approach preferred by most is to include the symbols and SPICE models directly in the folder of the schematic you are testing. PLEASE NOTE that using this method to create permanent LTspice models does not prevent this portability! Create your permanent part, or add the parts from the list below. When you share this schematic with others, or use it on a computer that does not have this component, just copy the 'asy' file and its associated SPICE reference to the 'asc' file you are providing to the foreign computer.

In this way, you can have the best of both worlds: You can build up a permanent library of useful parts, immediately accessible when you create a circuit AND you have portability!



File:LM339.sub LM339 subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:LM339.asy LM339 component. Place in \lib\sym\Comparators
File:LM339 test.asc Test circuit using the native LM339. You may want to use the alternate solver.



File:2N7002.sub 2N7002 subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:2N7002.asy 2N7002 component. Place in \lib\sym\nmos
File:2N7002 test.asc Test circuit using the native 2N7002 You may want to use the alternate solver


IRFB4110 subcircuit Place in \lib\sub
File:IRFB4110pbf.asy IRFB4110 component. Place in \lib\sym\nmos
File:Irfb4110 test.asc Test circuit using the native IRFB4110. You may want to use the alternate solver.


IRLR3110 subcircuit Place in \lib\sub
File:IRLR3110.asy IRLR3110 component. Place in \lib\sym\nmos
File:Irlr3110 test.asc Test circuit using the native IRLR3110. You may want to use the alternate solver.


MGSF2N02ELT1 subcircuit Place in \lib\sub
File:MGSF2N02ELT1.asy MGSF2N02ELT1 component. Place in \lib\sym\NMOS
File:MGSF2N02ELT1 test.asc Test circuit using the native MGSF2N02ELT1. You may want to use the alternate solver.

NPN Darlington


File:TIP142.sub TIP142 subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:TIP142.asy TIP142 symbol. Place in \lib\sym\Darlington
File:TIP142-test.asc Test circuit using the native TIP142
Datasheet   Adapted from Yahoo LTspice Group Message 28586


LM324 - National Semiconductor

LM324 subcircuit Place in \lib\sub
File:LM324-national.asy LM324/NS component. Place in \lib\sym\Opamps
File:LM324-national test.asc Test circuit using the native LM324. You may want to use the alternate solver.

LM6132A - National Semiconductor

File:LM6132A.MOD LM6132A subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:LM6132A-national.asy LM6132A/NS component. Place in \lib\sym\Opamps
File:LM6132A test.asc Test circuit using the native LM6132A. You may want to use the alternate solver.

LMH6642 - National Semiconductor

File:LMH6642.MOD LMH6642 subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:LMH6642.asy LMH6642 symbol. Place in \lib\sym\Opamps
File:LMH6642 test native.asc Test circuit using the native LMH6642. You may want to use the alternate solver.


THS4131 subcircuit Extract ths4131.txt & place in \lib\sub
File:THS4131.asy THS4131 component. Place in \lib\sym\Opamps
File:THS4131 test1.asc THS4131 test circuit, using native THS4131
Datasheet Original files created by Helmut Sennewald at [1].


File:TL072.sub TL072 subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:TL072.asy TL072 component. Place in \lib\sym\Opamps
File:Pweoverdrivepreamp2.asc Overdrive Preamp circuit, using native TL072
Datasheet Original files adapted from [2].



File:Si7489dp.sub Si7489DP subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:Si7489.asy Si7489DP symbol. Place in \lib\sym\PMOS
File:Test-Si7489.asc Test circuit using the native Si7489DP. You may want to use the alternate solver


File:SiA431DJ.sub SiA431DJ subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:SiA431DJ.asy SiA431DJ symbol. Place in \lib\sym\PMOS
File:Test-Sia413dj.asc Test circuit using the native SiA431DJ. You may want to use the alternate solver

PNP Darlington


File:TIP127.sub TIP127 subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:TIP127.asy TIP127 symbol. Place in \lib\sym\Darlington
File:TIP127-test.asc Test circuit using the native TIP127

Power Factor Corrector


UC3853 subcircuit Place in folder of circuit file (hierarchical example).
File:UC3853.asy UC3853 symbol Place in folder of circuit file.
File:UC3853.asc UC3853 hierarchical subcircuit Place in folder of circuit file.
File:UC3853 Test.asc UC3853 test circuit.
Above files in one download
Great example creating a model from spec sheets (courtesy of analogspiceman)

Voltage Regulators


File:TL431.sub TL431 subcircuit. Place in \lib\sub
File:TL431.asy TL431 component. Place in \lib\sym\Voltage Regulators
File:TL431 test.asc Test circuit using the native TL431

An excellent TL431 model, with comparisons to other models - an improved model for TL431
See a useful discussion here, "Realistic SPICE model for TL431".


NEW UPDATED VERSION LtSpiceIV_Plus_12_2009.exe
Roberto Hugo Rodríguez Zubieta in 2005 created this executable, that provides a large number of extra components. First, backup your existing /lib/cmp directory at a minimum, and you may find it easy to just zip your entire /lib directory down. This executable will overwrite /Lib/Cmp with many more components that is based a dated version of the LTspice originals. The existing files are put into a folder /Lib/Cmp/Original. The dated version is not a problem. From LTspice, under 'Tools', selecting 'Sync Release' will restore all of the new models in the latest libs from LTspice. (At least every one I could see, using a Diff program.) Plus now you have many more.

The rest includes more than 90 files in the format *. sub, to denote that they contain subcircuits of devices or *. lib, for the files that contain families of components. This information is added to the folder /sub and it doesn't overwrite any original data. To the folder /sym is added several subfolders with files corresponding to more than 400 symbols.

In the folder \examples\LtSpicePlus, there are more of 600 clever examples to be run, these are mainly in format *. asc, although there are also some few ones in format *. cir; plus in this collection there are also near 100 symbols in format *. asy.

The install is in Spanish! The product result is in English. If you come across some 'Replace' options, etc, be prepared to Google some Spanish words to make sure you know what you are selecting. It's a 3.5MEG download.

If you don't speak Spanish, try those instructions:

  • say "Aceptar" (Accept).
  • Point the "Carpeta de Destino" (Destiny Folder) parameter at your LTSpice install-folder, normally it is C:\Program Files\LTC\LTSpice IV, but it will vary (e.g. in a Portuguese version of Windows it will be 'C:\Arquivos de Programas'...).
  • If it complains about "Los siguinentes ficheros ya existen" (The following files already exist), choose what you consider to be most adequate: Sí/No (Yes/No), "Sí a todo/No a todo" (Yes to replace all/Replace nothing at all) or "Renombrar" (Rename). It's your choice, I'd say "yes" after checking if filesizes are similar (i.e. a library you already have).
  • The extraction will run, it takes a while (lots of files). If finishes correctly and doesn't give any error, probably all went well, try some examples just to be sure.

Roberto has Spanish documentation and tutorials using LTspice at Precisión, guía para desarrollos con Ltspice.

Someone wants to build an updated version of this? Contact Roberto: precisionorte -at- and he can help get you started.