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 The following links contain macro models built for LTspice with the purpose of turning large-scale simulations into block-level schematics, similar to hierarchy design but with predefined models. The domains of interest include, but are not limited to, digital devices ([0101]), filtering and control theory ([Filt]), mathematics equations ([Math]), power electronics ([Pwr]). In addition, there is one more model, Filter, that is made to be a sort of a universal filter for LTspice.
 The links go to an external site, for now hosted on the same, until I fully merge all the pages to blend in with LTwiki. The lists describing the contents of every folder is limited to enumeration and a simple description, details are in the links.

 This folder holds the following:

ADC16 an asynchronous (max) 16bit ADC
Bin2Dec a binary to decimal translator
CNT16asy an asynchronous (max) 16bit counter
DAC16 a (max) 16bit DAC
Dec2Bin a decimal to binary translator
JKFLOP a behavioural JK flip-flop

 The contents of this folder is mixed filtering and control theory.

AGC an automatic gain controller w/out external frequency control
DeadTime dead-time
DeadZone dead-zone
Delay analog -- exp(-sT) -- or digital -- z-1 -- delay
Diff differentiator
FFT actually a continuous-time Fourier decomposition, but FFT is shorter
Filter a universal filter, separate
FreqDet frequency detector
Gain a linear/dB gain/buffer with variable output resistance
Integ_r resettable integrator w/out external period control
LeadLag, LeadLag2 two versions for a <-π..π> lead-lag control, w/out external control
Lim hard limitter
MUX a simple externally controlled analog multiplexer
PhaseDet phase detector
PID a universal PID/PI/PD/ID/P/I/D analog/digital controller
PLL a phase-locked loop with single/quadrature inputs
SampledSource LTspice's own SINE and/or PULSE sources, sampled
StateSpace 1st/2nd/3rd order, SISO state-space block
UpDnSpl .AC-friendly up-/down-sampler

 LTspice's mathematical functions for behavioural sources plus a few others in a more accessible, streamlined package. There's no point in enumerating them since they're all packed into a specific symbol, depending on how many variables the functions allow.

 Except a few models, all are three-phase related.

3lvl_mod 3-level modulation w/out external carrier and dead-time
3ph_ACMotor a rather simplified DQ reference frame AC motor which allows either inductances/resistances or power/frequency inputs, respectively.
3ph_br_cm, 3ph_br_vm current-/voltage-mode switching bridges
3ph_gen harmonics generator up to 51st, w/out external amplitude/frequency/phase control
3ph_SW 3-phase to 3-phase timed switch
BrdgRect, BrdgRectThy simple and thyristor bridge rectifiers
Cable a simple Π LC with terminating resistances cable model
Disturb disturbance inducer, meant to be used together with 3ph_gen, but not only
HystComp single-phase hysteresis comparator w/out external error control and dead-time
Isense, Vsense isolated current and voltage sensors
RLC universal RLC load, can be series or parallel, w/out null, wye or delta
SVHCC, SVPWM space-vector hysteresis current controller and PWM, respectively
sym symmetrical components analyzer, abc-to-120 and inverse
Transforms Clarke and Park matrices, 2- or 3-inputs, direct and inverse, plus a cvasi-instantaneous approach for a symmetrical components analyzer
WattMeter one-phase wattmeter, outputs apparent/active/reactive powers, power-factor and RMS voltage/current
wt PLL angle generator