SPICE and LTspice Courseware and Tutorials

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Getting Started

Beginner's Guide to LTspice
Introduction to SPICE
Introduction to SwitcherCAD
LTspice Getting Started Guide from Linear
Using Linear Technology’s LTspice IV for Switching Mode Power Supply Simulation: A Step-By-Step Guide
LTspice Getting Started Very Quickly Guide
LTspice Instructions and Support Files from McGraw-Hill
LTspice Tutorial from Wilfrid Laurier University
PSPICE Tutorials
SPICE 3 User's Manual from University of Exeter
University of Evansville LTspice IV Library and Tutorials


Class C Amp Saturation
Intro to LTspice with a video
LTspice Tutorial Part I - The Basics (wmv - 57M)
LTspice Tutorial Part II - SPICE Models (wmv - 52M)
LTspice demo with the Hartley Oscillator example
Measuring IN and OUT Return Loss


Adding MOSFET models
Convert HSpice CMOS Library Files to PSpice CMOS Library Files - Manually
Half-Watt HF Amplifier
Linear Technology Demo Circuits
Modeling, Parametrics, Stepping and More
Nonlinear Load-Flow Computation with SPICE LTspice files included
OrCAD PSpice A/D Online Manual
Setting up LTspice and using models from wikiversity
SwitcherCAD III manual from Linear
Tutorial from guitar stompboxes and electronics
Using WAVE files as input/output in LTspice
Using LTspice as a Schematic Capture Tool for FreePCB

College Courses

Analog IC Design ECEN4827/5827 0.35um Univ. of Colorado LTspice examples included
CMOS Mixed-Signal Design Full course, lectures, problems - LTspice examples included