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I finished the controls emphasis at the University of Wisconsin Platteville the Spring of 2020. Taking 1 class per semester now, I will finish the communications emphasis at the University of Wisconsin Platteville the spring of 2021. Similarly, I will take senior seminar for mathematics Fall of 2021, and I will obtain a bachelors in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin Platteville. Previously I obtained 4 associates degrees from Highland Community College, an associates of arts, an associates of science, an associates of engineering science, and an associates of general studies. Right now I am employed as a tutor for a local high school as well as a tutor for the local community college (2020). I am creating this account so I can add models of a BS170 N-channel mosfet and a BS250 P-channel mosfet. Before I used UW-Platteville's B2Spice program, but now I am using the free LTSpice program to perform my simulations. I could possibly get away with just doing the math, but sometimes I do not consider all the frequency components which affect the bandwidth of the resulting circuit.