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Specialist in capacitive sensors. Most of my working life has been spent on the design and delivery of sensors based upon capacitive or electric field principles for research and commercial organisations as an owner/director/shareholder of a limited company. I am a highly motivated and qualified electronics engineer, PhD University of Sussex, looking for consultancy work. I have world class analogue and superior digital hardware design skills. I use PIC microcontrollers for control / sensor environments, code written in C or assembler, with PC host software written in a high level language, typically VB6 or I use ORCAD PSPICE and MATHCAD extensively and write mathematical programming software in C and MATLAB. Skills Team builder and key player, proactive attitude, right temperament to work as a part of team. Critical thinking, analytical approach. Shine under pressure; enjoy adapting to new challenges. World class skills in capacitive/electric field sensing and designing to eliminate capacitive effects. Excellent analogue and sensor design skills. Designed radio Transmitter and receiver radio links from discrete components to 458MHz, contained tuned PCB tracks. Excellent skills in schematic and PCB layout using SEETRAX Ranger Designer. Excellent skills in ORCAD simulation also can use ORCAD Capture and PCB Layout. Excellent skills MATHCAD. Good skills in designing to pass EMC standards. Good prototype building skills - assembling by hand PCBs with SMD components, or commissioning PCB assembly to be done by pick and place machine. Good skills in MATLAB. Good RF design skills to UHF frequencies. Good skills in drafting and applying for patents. Good contractual skills. Education PhD Engineering, University of Sussex 2009 PGCE, Roehampton Institute 1977 BSc Mathematics, Duke University, Durham, N C, USA 1967 References

Professor Chris Chatwin, University of Sussex 0127 3678901