Command Line Switches

The following table summarizes the command line switches understood by the LTspice executable(scad3.exe):





Use ASCII .raw files. Seriously degrades program performance.


Run in batch mode. E.g. "scad3.exe –b deck.cir" will leave the data in file deck.raw


Start as a maximized window.


Encrypt a model library. For 3rd parties wishing to allow people to use libraries without revealing implementation details. Not used by Linear Technology Corporation models.


Batch conversion of a binary .raw file to Fast Access format.

-ini <path>

Specify an .ini file to use other than %WINDIR%\scad3.ini


Synonym for -big


Batch conversion of a schematic to a netlist.


Prevent use of WINE(Linux) workarounds.


Batch conversion of a schematic to a PCB format netlist.


Force LTspice to store user preferences, MRU, etc. in the registry instead of the %WINDIR%\scad3.ini file.


Start simulating the schematic opened on the command line without pressing the Run button.


Allow MOSFET's to have up to 7 nodes even in subcircuit expansion.


Executes one step of the uninstallation process.


Force use of WINE(Linux) workarounds.