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.OP -- Find the DC Operating Point

Perform a DC operating point solution with capacitances open circuited and inductances short circuited. Usually a DC solution is performed as part of another analysis in order to find the operating point of the circuit. Use .op if you wish only this operating point to be found. The results will appear in a dialog box. After a .OP simulation, when you point at a node or current the .OP solution will appear on the status bar.

There is no guarantee that the operating point of a general nonlinear circuit can be found with successive linear approximations as is done in Newton-Raphson iteration. Should direct Newton iteration fail, LTspice tries a number of other methods to find an operating point. Below is a table of the methods used and the options settings required to disable a particular method.

MethodDirective to disable
Direct Newton Iteration  .options NoOpIter
Adaptive Gmin Stepping  .options GminSteps=0
Adaptive Source Stepping .options SrcSteps=0
Pseudo Transient  .options pTranTau=0