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Francesco Grasso has graduated in Academic Year 1990-2000 in Electronics Engineering, with Energy Electrical Systems orientation, at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Florence, discussing the thesis “On innovative methods for the design of wound components in High Frequency”. In 2001, his thesis has won the Mariani prize organized by the AEI, Italian Electrotechnical Association, as best thesis for the Academic Year 1999-2000. In April 2000 he has won the contest and the scholarship for Ph.D. in Electronic Devices and Circuits, XV cycle, held at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of University of Florence and he has achieved the qualification of Ph.D. in May 2003. From November 2005, he is researcher in Electrical Sciences at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of University of Florence. Since 2001 he is member of the “Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and of the Italian Federation of Electrical, Electronic, Automation, Information and Communication Technology (AEIT). Since 2004 he is under-secretary of Florence department of AEIT. The scientific activity of Francesco Grasso has mainly concerned the following topics: • Fault diagnosis and design centering of analog circuits; • Modeling of parasitic effects in passive components to high frequencies; • Modeling of static power converters; • Control of energy static converters and motors by neural networks. He has been responsible for Young Researchers Project funded by the University of Florence, in 2001, entitled “Development and testing of controllers for power electrical systems based on neural circuits and algorithms”. He has taken part in seven MURST research project of University and in two research projects of nationa interest (PRIN 2002 and PRIN 2006). Since 2008 he is Assistant Professor in the scientific field ING-IND/31 of Faculty of Engineering at the University of Florence and he has been teacher of the following teachings: Electrical Technology (6 credits) Power Electronic Circuits (6 credits) Electrical Machines and Drives (9 credits) Laboratory of Electrical Engineering (3 credits) He has contributed in carrying out exercises and tests for teaching of Circuits Theory and Theory of Electrical Networks. He has been Delegate for International Mobility in Academic Year 2002-2003 and Delegate for Orientation and Mentoring since Academic Year 2003-2004 for Degree Course in Electrical Engineering and Automation. He has been delegate of the Director of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications for management of search assessment process for CIVR at the MIUR for the Years 2001-2003. He is member of CampusCRUI Self-Assessment Group for Electrical Engineering Degree. He has been designer and educational coordinator of the Professionalizing module “VITESA – Learning Path for Technical Expert for tests on plants by the aims of DPR 462/2001” funded by Regioen Toscana. Since May 2003 he is expert member in the Ministerial Committee for state examinations for qualification to engineering profession. He is lecturer of over 50 trainings and referee of over 30 degree thesis.