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I have been simulating SPICE for over 40 years. Starting first on a mainframe computer with punch cards. Then, when the first Personal Computer came out, using that to connect as a terminal to the mainframe. Finally, when computing tools finally became an independent platform as an Engineering Workstation, the truly remarkable part of simulation exploded.

Modeling and validation are also important such that every person using a simulator must understand the models and the tool that is being used. Without this thorough understanding, the output can be garbage (because of some simple model error) and it will not be caught.

Simulation can sometimes identify problems that computational analysis cannot. These simple errors can cause loss of use, generate loss of revenue, and in severe cases can actually cause loss of life. I truly enjoy simulation and the application of computer modeling in electrical engineering. It is my passion and, of course, is a path to great compensation.

Have a great life with an engineering career by simulating circuits!