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I am an analog designer at Enraf Nonius medical equipment. I am a user of Spice for more than 30 years. Since 2010 I use LTSpice. I need more words now so here they come:

LTspice provides schematic capture to enter an electronic schematic for an electronic circuit, an enhanced SPICE type analog electronic circuit simulator, and a waveform viewer to show the results of the simulation.[2] Circuit simulation analysis based on transient, noise, AC, DC, DC transfer function, DC operating point can be performed and plotted as well as fourier analysis.[8] Heat dissipation of components can be calculated and efficiency reports can also be generated.[citation needed] It has enhancements and specialized models to speed the simulation of switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) in DC-to-DC converters.[2][9]

LTspice does not generate printed circuit board (PCB) layouts, but netlists can be exported to PCB layout software.[10] While LTspice does support simple logic gate simulation, it is not designed specifically for simulating logic circuits.

It is used by many users in fields including radio frequency electronics, power electronics, audio electronics, digital electronics, and other disciplines.